Rewards Program


Unlock your all-access pass to this members-only program where you'll receive perks & rewards in the form of DTina's Rewards Coins. Coins can be redeemed for FREE product or store credit! Your followers and friends will receive a 20% discount by entering your unique Ambassador code at checkout — You'll receive 10% commission on EVERY SALE! Yes, $$$ for every sale when someone uses your code!


Register now using your Instagram to receive your first DTina's Rewards Coins INSTANTLY! You'll also earn rewards for liking & commenting on the DTina's Boutique Instagram, posting photos of our styles, sharing your discount code, & MUCH more -- You can easily execute and track all of this from your personal Ambassador Rewards dashboard right here on our site!

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Different Ways to Earn Ambassador Rewards (Receive $1 for every 200 coins earned)
  • Every $ You Spent 10 Coins
  • Weekly Bonus Play for simply logging into your account100 to 1000 Coins
  • Like & Comment on a DTina's Boutique Instagram post 500 Coins
  • Post a photo/video wearing your DTina's Boutique products, include your Ambassador code in the comment section (System will automatically detect post and award Coins) 1500 Coins
  • Earn CASH for all purchases made with your unique Ambassador Code (all purchases made using your code are automatically tracked and awarded 10% commission of ALL sales)10% of Sale
  • Answer Questionnaire500 Coins
  • Birthday Gift4000 Coins
  • Anniversary Gift5000 Coins

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